Client    Bruntwood

Art Direction    David Bouttier

Studio    Bert

Bruntwood decided to rebrand in autumn 2017 with a firm intention to look toward their future as a company and as a main actor in the economic and cultural growth in the north of England.

My role was to created a dynamic new brand identity system and hierarchy; aligned with the narrative from purpose and values through to the company story and propositions. The brand was officially launched last year at a whole company event at the Albert Hall.

Bruntwood is an incredibly open company - it’s only through collaboration, and connections with communities and partners that its ambitions can be achieved. So we opened up the Bruntwood ellipse and repeated it to create a ripple. It’s symbolic of Bruntwood’s approach - to begin a multiplier effect that inspires people and places to achieve even greater things.

The goal was to give the brand the ability to adapt to its context. So the colour palette can be applied with freedom, and in near limitless combinations. Along with our photography, type, illustration and video, it celebrates the colourful, culturally rich, vibrant lives we enjoy in our cities.